In honour and loving memory to my second menthor and sure one of my best friends ever.
R.I.P. Carlos Pereyra aka KRLOX
(1984/11/30 - 2010/05/28)
KRLOX! Some of The DJs here knew you, but all of them felt the same pain that I felt loosing you, dear friend. Maybe my best honour to you is, with help of Wyrus, bring all that made us burn and scream for so many times when we were together and more! I am glad to have met you and shared all that good energy we made together! There is no single day that I dont remember you, man... There will be nothing on the world that heals the hurt your pride left on us...
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Marcelo Domancich aka BITCH BROS, Wyrus, Veztax, Iago Alvarez, Fer BR, Terry Bening, MGMX, Diego Herrero, Luiz Ruiz, Freak Mcnasty, Mat303, Josh Love, Rydel, D-Oxid, Rapunzel, E383, Scelzen Sinanaj, The Frog, Jesus Soblechero, Elaps, Phabian, Bilro & Barbosa, George Privatti, The Blaaaz, Funphreak, Chris Chambers, Alexey Kotlyar, Christian Peak, Doctor Of Techno, Trick-C, Malda, Code Icarus, Omega Drive, Tony Demoet, Kev D, Brent Sadowick, Alen Milivojevic, Eve-Lys, Steel Grooves, Booya, DJ Baly, Paulo Tella, Tek-No-Bee, Grooe Korp, Mechanic Slave.